Mount Carmel

Founded: 1871

Population: Approx. 47

Elevation: 5,203'


A terrain that has been said to be unkind to its settlers. Early settlers of the area lived on a diet of corn. In 1865 the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints sent settlers to the area to develop the Mount Carmel Junction and surrounding areas. Mount Carmel and Mount Carmel Junction are still unincorporated communities yet are a crucial intersection connecting Zion National Park with neighboring Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon National Parks. 


Mount Carmel Junction is at the intersection of Route 89 and State Route 9. Mount Carmel is located 1 mile north of Mount Carmel Junction. The Mount Carmel communities are 12 miles east of Zion National Park and 17 miles north of Kanab Utah. They are a part of what is known as the Longvalley which includes the neighboring towns Orderville and Glendale.  


Lodging: Cabins, Lodges, Vacation Rentals, Glamping, Camping, RV Campgrounds.

Dining: There are currently three restaurants in this area;  one at the east gate of the park, one at Zion Mountain Ranch, and one at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.

Shopping: There are four gift shops on the plateau including one at the east entrance of Zion National Park, one at Zion Mountain Ranch, and two at Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort.

Gas Stations / Convenience Stores: There is one gas station/convenience store at the east entrance of Zion National Park.

Grocery / Hardware Stores: The closest is in Orderville.


Canyoneering East Zion

All Tours – East Zion Adventures

riding horses at zion mountain ranch

Horseback Riding – Zion Mountain Ranch

Rifle Range East Zion

S.W.A.T. Shooting – East Zion Adventures

Zion Crest Campground
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Zion Crest Campground


    cordwood zion mountain ranch


    • 9065 West, UT-9, Mt Carmel, UT 84755
    Kiki Dee's Taqueria - Orderville Dining

    Kiki Dee’s Taqueria

    Ponderosa Eats at Ponderosa Ranch Resort

    Ponderosa Eats

    • Twin Knolls Rd, Orderville, UT 84758
    Close up image of a Subway sandwich made in Mount Carmel Junction


    • 4490 S State St, Orderville, UT 84758
    Thunderbird Resort

    Thunderbird Restaurant

    • 4530 State St, Mt Carmel, UT 84755


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