Belly of the Dragon


The Belly of the Dragon is an interesting man made tunnel that was created as a drainage for canyons that feed into the North Fork River. This is an easy .5 mile up and back adventure that takes travelers under the scenic Highway 89. If you choose to continue on in the wash another 4 more miles you will find a scenic slot canyon

1/2 a mile south of Mount Carmel Junction and 16 miles north of Kanab. Parking can be accessed on the west side of Highway 89 near the mouth of the tunnel. 

Because the purpose of this tunnel is for drainage it is important to not enter the tunnel during rainy conditions. The terrain can be sandy and have some rock obstacles. There are portions of the hike that may require some scrambling. 

It will be useful to bring along a flashlight/cell phone for some extra light.

Family friendly - though children may need a little assistance in some parts, it makes for a great exploration activity. 

Dogs are allowed. 

Highway 89 belly of the dragon

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