Orderville is the largest of the East Zion communities along the Highway 89 corridor.


Founded: 1875

Population: Approx. 600

Elevation: 5,449'


Orderville's name comes from the fact that it's founding settlers, members of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, initially lived here under a communal effort referred to as the United Order. The United Order was a method of the entire community sharing work duties and resources. During the approximate 10 years that community members lived within this United Order they raised crops, made clothing and living supplies such as soap, buckets, brooms, and furniture.

Location & Info.

The setting for this town is quite remarkable with mountains of stone hemming in the community of the north and east, and farm fields - lined by colorful cottonwood trees along the East Fork of The Virgin River. This small community offer a variety of travel related services including; lodging, dining, coffee shops, gift shops, a bakery, grocery store and guided outdoor adventures.

Travelers between Bryce Canyon National Park, on the north, and Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon North Rim, and Lake Powell, pass through and stop to enjoy Orderville, Utah on their journeys along Utah Scenic Highway 89. Orderville has a small local high school and and farming, education, and travel services are the major areas of employment.





Lodging: Cabins, Lodges, Vacation Rentals, Glamping, Camping, RV Campgrounds.

Dining: Orderville boasts some great dining options. Two of which are Kiki Dee's Taqueria and The Shop Coffee Company Cafe. 

Grocery/Stores: Terry's Food and Drug, Long Valley Hardware.

Gas Stations / Convenience Stores: Several gas stations right off the main highway. 



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Horseback Riding – Zion Mountain Ranch

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  • 9065 West, UT-9, Mt Carmel, UT 84755
Kiki Dee's Taqueria - Orderville Dining

Kiki Dee’s Taqueria

Ponderosa eat

Ponderosa Eats

  • Twin Knolls Rd, Orderville, UT 84758
Close up image of a Subway sandwich made in Mount Carmel Junction


  • 4490 S State St, Orderville, UT 84758
Coffee Shop and Cafe Orderville Utah

The Shop Coffee Company

Thunderbird Resort

Thunderbird Restaurant

  • 4530 State St, Mt Carmel, UT 84755


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Thunderbird Resort

Thunderbird Resort

Zion Mountain Ranch

Zion Mountain Ranch

Zion Ponderosa Resort

Zion Ponderosa Ranch